Ensure clients are using safe form.

EZPT allows trainers to view statistics from client's workouts. Using this, trainers are able to analyze their client's progress over time.

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Connect to clients like never before.

Interact and guide over video calls, interactive workouts, and more to help clients.

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Step 1

Evaluate your clients' initial form

EZPT gives you access to the best interactive tools around the world. You can access your appointment history and schedule to plan your day.

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Step 2

Teach clients' on form technique

Work with EZPT's provided personalized plan based on how your body moves. Guide your client through the learning process on mental and physical health.

Look at your stats!
Step 3

Track clients' progess

The EZPT app assesses your biomechanics, recommends corrective exercise programs based on your neuromuscular patterns, provides real-time audio and visual cues, and displays your statistics so that you can easily track your client's progress!

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Step 4

Build your clientel

See your clients improve over time. Advertise your expertise in order to help more users over time. EZPT also allows you to share your success via products you use on a normal basis.

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Review your clients' routines in real time.

Connect with your clients give coaching. Anytime. Anywhere.


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Who can benefit from AI driven recovery?

Literally everyone. EZPT's technology puts power in any user. We show you what's wrong with your form then teach you how to change it in order to recover fastest.

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