Where physical therapy meets fitness.

Your all encompassing AI-powered coach that meets your injury specific needs. EZPT has it all.

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It's as EZ as counting to four.

With virtual meetings and courses people who don’t have the time to go into an office can change their lives forever.

Doctor Facetiming
Step 1

Evaluate your status with a professional

EZPT gives you access to the best physical therapists and trainers around the world. You can access your healthcare professional anytime anywhere.

Workout Plan
Step 2

Create a plan of recovery

EZPT provides you a personalized plan based on how your body moves. We educate you on your mental and physical health to ensure that you're in the road to recovery.

Look at your stats!
Step 3

Track your recovery process

The EZPT app assesses your biomechanics, recommends corrective exercise programs based on your neuromuscular patterns, provides real-time audio and visual cues, and displays your statistics so that you can easily track your progress!

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Step 4

Reduce pain and improve mental health

Return to your favorite activities! Whether it's playing sports, spending time with your family, EZPT will always be there for you to make sure you continue to live pain-free.

EZ communication with the people that matter.

We give you direct access to your doctors and physical therapists from your phone. Anytime. Anywhere.


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Who can benefit from AI driven recovery?

Literally everyone. EZPT's technology puts power in any user. We show you what's wrong with your form then teach you how to change it in order to recover fastest.

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