Slow Your Aging Process With These Three Simple Habits

October 21, 2021
4 Minute Read

Sleep more, worry less, live longer

In 2022, it seems like just about anything is possible. The kind of technology and medicine we have access to today can even make us feel invincible at times. When it comes to health though, there are timeless practices that you should continue regardless of your age, experience, or current state of wellness. Here are three simple ways to promote a longer life span and a lifestyle that allows you to feel the best you can.

1. Get into a regular sleep routine

Your life is important. Your work, social life, and hobbies matter. However, your physical and mental health should always remain your main priority. You can’t always fit everything, and you shouldn’t sacrifice a regular sleep schedule to do so. You may have heard this from your mom, your personal physician, or your health class teacher back in high school. Well, here’s another reminder that eight hours of sleep still trump most things in your life.

As simple as it sounds, sleep makes a drastic difference. Slacking on sleep has a host of negative consequences, including an earlier death. On the other hand, getting enough quality sleep can actually help elongate your lifespan. One study found that although the number of necessary hours may vary from person to person, getting consistent and restful sleep is the most important factor. 

2. Find ways to de-stress

Stress takes off years of your life — literally. One study by the Carnegie Mellon Foundation found that inflammation is the root cause of this. When you feel stressed, your body actually tenses up. If this is your constant state of being, eventually, it affects the function of your organs and immune system. This leads to disease and other issues like chronic pain or joint problems. 

Even though these are consequences of a stressful life, if you are prone to anxiety or have an intense workload or unsafe living conditions, relaxation might not be an option. After all, if we could simply turn off stress, all of us would. With that being said, there are feasible ways to lower your stress levels. You can modify your schedule to allow for more social interaction, start therapy, or experiment with meditation. All of these activities can help alleviate the stress you feel on a regular basis. They may also help with finding more overall joy in life.

3. Exercise

If you’re looking for a way to de-stress, working out is a perfect outlet. Exercise is one of the most basic ways to elongate your life. More importantly, it can also help you enjoy your life way more. Working out elevates your dopamine and decreases your stress hormones which is why you feel so much better after you finish a workout. 

In addition to relaxing your mind, exercise promotes better function throughout your body. It even increases mortality factors, such as stroke, cancer, or heart malfunction. Plus, when you move your body, you improve your agility which makes it less likely for you to twist, pull, strain, or fall when you’re older. 

If you’re looking for a way to track your fitness and view your progress, download the EZPT app for guided tips with real time accuracy. EZPT not only provides online personal training, but it works to prevent injury so that you’re exercising in a safe way with minimal risk and a host of benefits. 

You may not be able to incorporate these things into your daily life all the time. However, if you start placing a higher value on these activities, you will find the time and willpower to make them a part of your regular routine. Plus, once you get used to doing these things on a daily basis, you won’t want to sacrifice these aspects of your routine. All of these habits contribute to you feeling the best you possibly can. When you notice this difference, you won’t want to return to a life of sleep deprivation or limited mobility. 

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