Make Your New Year Resolution a Reality

October 21, 2021
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Every year, around 48-50% of Americans make fitness and weight loss a part of their New Year’s Resolution. So how is it that only 8% of Americans end up reaching their goals? The good news is that if you set New Year’s resolutions for yourself, you at least have the drive. Unfortunately, following through requires more than that. If you feel motivated but doubt your ability to achieve your mission, read these four tips.

Define Your Goals Specifically

When you set vague goals such as, I want to be skinnier, or this year I want to take charge of my health, you distance yourself from accomplishing them. Instead of approaching your resolutions as transformative dreams, you should view them as realistic outcomes that will follow from a plan. You can do so by making actionable statements about what you want to achieve. Read below for an example on this.

Vague resolution: I want to eat healthier this year.

Action-oriented statement: I’m going to cut out fast-food and processed carbs.

Vague resolution: I want to be more active this year.

Action-oriented statement: I’m going to go to the gym at least four days a week.

Vague resolution: I want to lose 20 lbs this year.

Action-oriented statement: I’m going to follow the weight loss geared exercise and diet plan that my nutritionist helped me create.

Even though you should make your goals more specific, make sure you don’t overemphasize the technicalities. For example, if your goal is to become more fit and health conscious, you don’t need to hyperfocus on the number on the scale.

Make It Realistic

When the clock strikes twelve on the 31st of December, a new calendar year begins. A new you doesn’t happen overnight though. As much as we would like to hit the restart button on January 1st, change occurs overtime. So try to be patient and kind to yourself by setting a goal within your reach.

If you’ve never tried a low-carb lifestyle, maybe don’t rush into Keto without fully researching the parameters of the diet. If you’ve never worked out, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’ll run a six-minute mile on your first day at the gym. In order to make it to the end-goal, you have to prepare yourself for the beginning stages. So while you want a goal that will motivate you to make some kind of lifestyle change, make sure it’s something attainable. You may never run a six minute mile and you may never be a size four. If you make your resolution too extreme, you’ll end up discouraging yourself from taking the steps to make it happen because no progress will feel monumental enough in comparison to your goal.

Start off Strong

The best way to motivate yourself is by starting off strong. There’s a reason most people don’t end up accomplishing their New Year’s resolutions, and it’s because the very concept carries a diet-starts-tomorrow kind of mindset. When you set goals for the New Year, you commit to doing something different than the year before. Often, you commit to breaking a habit, like spending money frivolously or snacking late at night. If you start off by slacking, you’ll send an immediate message of discouragement and disappointment. These kinds of feelings only make the end goal seem farther and farther.

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, setting a precedent is everything. So don’t wait till Monday, the day you go back to work, or the next time you receive your paycheck. Begin your journey on January 1st and prove to yourself from day one that you have it in you.

Track it with EZPT

Tracking your progress helps you yield better results. This makes you accountable for your goals and also motivates you to keep going. If you make a change to your lifestyle, you may not notice results overnight, but you will see them eventually. Your bedroom mirror isn’t always your best friend though – nor is it the most accurate reflection of how far you’ve come. When you actually see the metrics though, you can better visualize your progress and success.

If you’re looking for a simple, yet accurate way to check your goal completion, you should download the EZPT app. Not only does the app give you feedback on your form so that your performance remains optimal, but it also targets injury prevention and recovery. Plus, it gives you personalized statistics based on a routine that you can personally create. By staying in tune with this app, you’ll not only feel more motivated to start your fitness and wellness journey, but you’ll stick with it.

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