Exercise after your COVID-19 Vaccination

January 10, 2022
4 Minute Read

The COVID 19 global pandemic has kept many of us indoors for long periods at a time, and this has affected the ability of many of us to get the proper exercise recommended by the ACSM.  With the availability of the vaccines increasing almost daily, the focus has shifted away from being stuck exercising in your home, to being able to exercise after receiving your COVID-19 shot.  Many of those receiving their shots are left wondering, is it safe to exercise after my COVID 19 vaccination?

It’s important to listen to your body.  Up to 50% of people may experience some side effects after getting their shot (1).  Avoiding intense workouts and opting for a more mild exercise session may be the best option.  Be prepared to take a day or two off from exercising, and using this as a day of rest will not slow down any gains, either.   According to the CDC, the arm soreness that can follow a vaccine may be resolved by  moving or exercising the arm (2) and applying a cool rag to the area.  The most important thing is your safety, talk to your Primary Care Physician if you have any questions.  

Keeping up with exercise after your COVID-19 shot will lead to more immunity against other infectious diseases too.  Regular exercise, such as the recommendations made by the ACSM, can help prevent and enhance protection against other community spread infectious diseases (3).  If you’re looking to get active, the ACSM recommends 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week.  That means exercise that is tough, but where you could still maintain a conversation.  150 minutes every week breaks down to about 25 minutes every day, and with the amount of time the average American spends on their phone, finding an extra 25 minutes for your health should be easy.

Prior injuries are a big reason why many people think they can’t exercise.  This barrier keeps people on the couch, where their muscles atrophy and health levels decline.  Fortunately, fixing that injury is easier than ever thanks to your phone, EZPT is an app that assesses your current level of pain and mobility and recommends you an exercise routine based on your scores, but not only that.  EZPT also has the capability to track your body during your workouts, to make sure you are performing correctly and maintaining form.  It’s a PT your POCKET!


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